hye, I am a newbie here. Can i ask how to actually open an existing process i get from myexperiment?

ZahidahNAsohaZahidahNAsoha Member Posts: 10 Newbie
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here is the file. Thank you:)

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    I can't open your attached file. But normally, if you have the xml representation of a RapidMiner process (or the *.rpm file) you can simply copy and paste it into the process view or use "open process" from the context menu.

    As an addition, the process (implied by the name) seems to refer to the older image mining extension, which is no longer actively maintained. I can recommend you to take a look at the new Image extension that's build on our deep learning back end:



  • ZahidahNAsohaZahidahNAsoha Member Posts: 10 Newbie
    Thank you so much for the info. Can I know is there any tutorial to use this extension as beginner? 
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