Removing a word from list of words

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Hello All!
a dataset has 2 columns, one column has a list of words, I want to remove the last word including special characters(in this eg,   [,.?]) is it possible?

Source data:
reg_no      text
1               In,a,data,base,,,
2               at,palace,he,has,?,????,

required data:
reg_no     text
1              In,a,data
2              at,palace,he

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    kaymankayman Member Posts: 662 Unicorn
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    @Anusha, use regex. 
    The idea is that you want to keep everything till the last comma followed by a word. 

    Not fully tested but it should do the trick.
    use the replace operator with above snippet, and replace with $1 

    You can play with the regex here : 

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