Which operator can be used to split the input into subsets?

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I have an input set that has been sampled and normalized. I now want to divide this dataset into 2 subsets based on the value of one attribute only. eg: The feature is 'has_children'. I want to segregate the instances depending on has_children=0/1 and then apply clustering to each subset.
I am not trying to create training-test sets for validation. If anyone has any pointers, please let me know.

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    ceaperezceaperez Member Posts: 528 Unicorn

    you can use the Generate Attributes  operator under Blender->Attributes->Generation.
    Then you can work with a if rule and  assign a numeric value 1 if the string takes a value "has_children" and other in other case.

    e.g. if(yourattibute=="has_children",1,0)


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