Collaborative Filtering Item Recommendation how can I create output "item_id" with title name

tonybunjongtonybunjong Member Posts: 1 Newbie

I use Rapidminner for Collaborative Filtering Item Recommendation with user k-nn  and the result at "item_id" is number like this

so how can I create or replace number in 'item_id'  with title name like this. Or how can I show output with title name in new attribute.

I try to use set role operator and set additional roles : attribute 'title' with 'item identification' but output is the same. the "item_id" still be number. 

sorry for my English isn't good.
Thanks you for your help

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  • ceaperezceaperez Member Posts: 333 Unicorn
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    Hi @tonybunjong,

    if your item_id attribute  is a polynominal type,  you can use the Map Operator to replace the old values for new ones.

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