How can I connect Wordpress to Rapidminer

DiNewDiNew Member Posts: 3 Newbie
Hello, I am really new to Rapidminer and the tech world in general, that's why I cannot go on with my project.
I have following issue. I would like to connect Rapidminer and Wordpress so that I can analyze the data, created in Wordpress, in Rapidminer. Could You help me, please?

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    MarcoBarradasMarcoBarradas Administrator, Employee, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member Posts: 272 Unicorn
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    Hi @DiNew

    You can use the the web mining extension to connect to the Wordpress Endpoints

    With the Post or Get operators on the extension you can achieve what you need.
    You  might need to define a looping logic to grab multiple data points.

    After that you'll need to use the JSON to Data operators since it most likely returns all the data as a JSON that you are going to parse with The cut documents and extract information operators.

    I don´t have access to a WordPress server but if you have a sandbox I could guide you through the process.


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    rfuentealbarfuentealba Moderator, RapidMiner Certified Analyst, Member, University Professor Posts: 568 Unicorn
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    Another option for you is that if you have access to the Wordpress database (it's a MySQL or MariaDB, RapidMiner offers database connectivity to that database without issues), you can get the information from there. If you want to process information from posts, the table is creatively named "wp_posts", afaicr.

    All the best,

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