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AI Hub via Docker Compose on GCP

btibertbtibert Member, University Professor Posts: 116  Guru
edited September 7 in Help
We use Google Cloud for teaching at my institution, so I wanted to take a swing at getting the AI hub (9.10) up and running on GCP via docker-compose, but I am hitting a wall and not really sure where to turn to next.  

A few notes:

- Ubuntu 20
- Docker 20
- 4 core and 16GB ram, 50 GB hard drive

Admittedly I have made minimal changes to the .env file, but because I will not have a domain, I was attempting to include the server's public IP as http://<IP_here>.

I am attaching the logs here, which were created via

-  docker-compose up -d rm-init-svc
-  docker-compose up -d

I noticed via `docker ps` that some of the services appeared to be restarting, so I started everything back up again (via the two commands just above) and captured the logs.  The services were running for a good chunk of time.

For context:  My course is in the spring, and I was hoping to expand the depth of the content by having students build and schedule processes in the cloud on GCP.

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