use k-means and fp-growth together

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Hi every body
My dataset is movielens 100k. I want to use k-means clustering on this dataset then use Fp -Growth on each cluster but idont know how I can do this work.
I hope to use from you re help.
thank you .

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    Hi @gold
    In order to run a Fp-Growth operator for each cluster data you can use the Loop Values operator, and then running the Fp-Growth operator inside of it.
    please find attached a simple sample process. It's just to show you a possible process. 




  • goldgold Member Posts: 12 Contributor I
    Hi @ceaperez
    Thank you very much dear friend for your guidance because it was very useful. I did this solution with my data set but I do not know if I did it right or not? I need help  you again. The data set I use in my project is movielens 100k. This database is a three-part database that I have attached for you. My goal in this project is as follows:
    1. Apply Clustering for Ranking - Objective: Determine which movies received the same score.
    2. Apply FP-Growth to each group.
    I have attached the implementation I have done so that you can better guide me.
    I also used the   association rules  after the FP-Growth but it did not show any results for  association rules. Please guide me in this case as well
    Thank you for your help dear friend
  • ceaperezceaperez Member Posts: 473 Unicorn
    Hi @gold
    I saw your process and the reason why you can't see  the association rules is because you forget to connect the output port of loop values operator to results port.

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