Feature Request: Projects Discard Local Changes Per File

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RapidMiner Projects (git) allows you to revert or discard your local changes and start fresh. Would it be possible to allow this on a per file basis so you can choose which files to revert? Using the snapshot viewer you can see which files have been modified and the request is to have a button next to each file which allows for that file's changes to be discarded.

Current work around is to use the git command from the project directory:
git checkout -- filename
This achieves the same effect but isn't as streamlined as using the RapidMiner UI.

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    jpuentejpuente Employee, Member Posts: 53 RM Product Management
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    Hi. There is actually a way to do this in RapidMiner, although it's maybe a bit hidden. Using Studio, with the Snapshot history panel open, you can select a single snapshot/commit and, in the hamburger (3-dots) menu to the right, select "view snapshot". There, you can see all the changes made on each file. Again, you find a hamburger menu to the right where you can view the file or restore it (see attached picture). Restore actually  means you can save it back somewhere. View means you open it in Studio, so you can save it back to your project and you can commit it again. This latter option is the one you want I think. Let me know if that's what you wanted.


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    MinorJinxMinorJinx Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
    Yes this does work and I hadn't thought of it before your message so thank you. One issue I can see with this is if the file you want to revert was last saved several commits ago it is tedious to go through each commit to find which one has that file to restore it.
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