Bug in Deep learning Extension sample process

cindyliu_aucindyliu_au Member Posts: 6 Newbie
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I installed the deep learning extension yesterday, "Telco Deep Learning Solution" under the folder "Neural Net" from "Model" of Training Resources can not be processed, it pop up "unnamed error". (see the screenshot)

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    rdesairdesai Employee, RMResearcher, Member Posts: 15 RM Research
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    Hi Cindyliu_au, 

    We made a new release with output layer last week and this is reason why you are getting warning.

    I would suggest as soon as you open the process directly click yellow exclamation mark on the deep learning operator  instead of running the process.  It will help you to solve problem by taking you inside the nested operator. There you can again click on "help me solve problem" which will  add the output layer and again clicking on "help me solve the problem" will resolve your entire problem.  



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