Discretize by Frequency - Range2 is 0 to infinity

Sifa_111Sifa_111 Member Posts: 1 Newbie
Hi guys,

I have a question regarding the Discretize by Frequency Operator.

I have an attribute which has values from 1 to 5:
- 15 values equal 1
- 12 values equal 2
- 40 values equal 3
- 200 values equal 4
- 200 values quals 5

Now I want to use the Discretize by Frequency Operator for 2 bins.

For every other attribute it has the correct ranges (range1, range2).

For the attribute that is mentioned above I only get 1 bin (range2: 0 - infinity).

Does anybody know why RapidMiner only gives me this range?

I would like to get a range1 eg. 0-1,5 and range2 eg. 1,5-5...

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