Reschedule RapidMiner Educational renewal

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edited January 2022 in Help
Hi, we are users of the Educational License Program and have been so for a few years. Because of the timeframe we originally signed up, our renewal date occurs mere days before the start of our primary teaching period. It would be more convenient, planning-wise, to be able to renew the license a couple of weeks beforehand, rather than mere days, as we currently have to renew, prepare, test and deploy new versions and updated licenses in only a few days. Is this possible? Can we get an early expiration, or renew earlier? As it currently stands, the renewal doesn't seem to be possible until it's already expired, meaning users are already unable to use it. Unless I'm misunderstanding, there seems to be no way to not have users impacted. If this is the case, then we can at least manage the period of unavailability by pushing it back a few weeks, rather than having it right on the start of our teaching period.
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