Bug in tutorial process in Execute Python Operator

ceaperezceaperez Member Posts: 525 Unicorn
Hi there.
I'm trying the tutorial process "Creating a chart using Python and storing it in your repository", because I need to extract some charts from the Python package, but when I try to run the tutorial process, the process stops and shows a "Parsing failed. ". message. This is because the pandas.io.data package used in this script was removed, and Pandas now uses the pandas_datareader package to access remote data such as Yahoo, Google Analytics, etc.

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    phellingerphellinger Employee, Member Posts: 103 RM Engineering
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    Hey @ceaperez,

    Thanks for looking into this!

    I believe the tutorial has already been updated with the code below.
        from pandas.io.data import DataReader
        from pandas_datareader import DataReader

    On the other hand, there is now a URL error after using the correct package, let's see if we need to updated that.

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