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auxiliary attribute

SimonW18272SimonW18272 Member Posts: 13 Newbie
Hey community,

i got a question with which you may help me, its more regarding "literature". I am currently working on a ML project. For the data analysis I take "auxiliary attribute" (that's how i call them), for getting information regarding the data quality.

Taken the example for a databases with:
"date_1"; "date_2"; "duration:date_1&date_2"
I wanted to check if the duration measure for example is right in the database to investigate if there are data problems (just take this as an example).

So for investigating the data quality I created a new attribute "(date_dif:date_1,date_2)-duration:date_1&date_2" to proof if the measured duration from the data I took is correctly. (e.g. In the investigation I found some cases, in which it is not the case).

So I call this as one of my "auxiliary attributes", since I do not use them itself for the ML model but just for the data quality analsis. This is just one example for such variable I created.

Now I would like to know of there is a specific name for this attribut or maybe even for the technique in the literatur, since I do a "scientific analysis" and need a source for this or maybe there is even literature regarding this. Can someone of you help me, since I dont find something.

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