How to fix "Could not initialize HTML5 browser. See log for details" in Centos7 ??

ramprasathramprasath Member Posts: 1 Newbie
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I am currently using Rapidminer Studio V 9.10 always shows "Could not initialize HTML5 browser. See log for details." when showing visualization in Centos7.

Kindly help me to resolve it as early as possible. Lots of people share their answer related to windows and mac. So, kindly answer me about using Centos7.

Thanks in Advance


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    jwpfaujwpfau Employee, Member Posts: 295 RM Engineering
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    Have you checked the ~/.RapidMiner/rapidminer-studio.log file?

    you are most likely missing some shared library. Since jxbrowser is based on chromium, maybe installing chromium via yum already helps to fetch the required dependencies.

    Alternatively or If installing chromium doesn't help

    1) ldd the jxbrowser binary to see the missing dependencies (should be in "~/.RapidMiner/internal cache") 
    2) yum provides to find the package for the dependency
    3) yum install the missing dependency

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