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I want to create an attributes to show whether the member base is fully active or not.
 Is it possible to make it like if the figure of 'member base' attributes equal to figure of 'active member' attributes then, the new attributes will show as 'full active membership' otherwise 'not full active membership' ?

Thanks for any reply

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    Yes, this is very easy to do, assuming you have two numerical attributes for member base and active members.  You can use an IF statement and set it up so that if the two attributes are equal then you return one value and another value if they are not equal.  Take a look at the Generate Attribute operator and the IF function. 
    As a side note, I would be surprised if you have a fully active membership, most organizations have at least a few inactive folks!  So I am not sure how useful just a binary flag would be.  You might consider making an "active membership percentage" instead where you divide the active members into the total members as a numerical quantity.  This can also be done easily with Generate Attribute.
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    JacJac Member Posts: 4 Newbie
    Thanks a lot for your help. It worked.
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