Getting error while using latest deep learning extension and ND4J backend extension. ND4J not active

Somnath_DasSomnath_Das Member Posts: 31 Maven
My rapidminer version is 9.10. I have installed latest DEEP LEARNING & ND4J BACKEND extension, but while using deep learning I am getting the error ND4J NOT ACTIVE.

Please help


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    David_ADavid_A Administrator, Moderator, Employee, RMResearcher, Member Posts: 297 RM Research

    can you verify that the nd4j extension is correctly loaded after you have started RapidMiner?
    Navigation Bar -> Extensions -> About installed Extensions

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    Somnath_DasSomnath_Das Member Posts: 31 Maven
    edited March 2022
    I am also not getting the options in the backend tab.   Hope the below screnshots help

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    sherlocksherlock Member Posts: 24 Contributor II

    same here. Did you find any solution?

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