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Dhiii12Dhiii12 Member Posts: 8 Learner I
Hiii all,

I'm fairly new to Rapid Miner and need to help,
why my attribute not detected in filter type subset
I have 11 atrribute

I thank you in advance for your help! 

Best regards, 



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    ceaperezceaperez Member Posts: 522 Unicorn
    Dhiii12 , 

    This is probably  due to a fail into import the metadata from your dataset. 
    If you are creating your dataset importing some file, the better way to have the metadata is to import it using the wizard importing option, then when you save your dataset and call it with the retrieve operator you will have your metadata too. 


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    Dhiii12Dhiii12 Member Posts: 8 Learner I
    Hello @ceaperez

    thanks for the answer it was very helpful
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