Send Request parameter missing

ArnoRapidminerArnoRapidminer Member Posts: 1 Newbie
Dear Rapidminer Community,

When executing following process:  

I first define my connection which is a rest Endpoint configuration. I added all mandatory parameters. After that I send a request and write the file to my local computer. When I run this process locally I retrieve a json which says:  "No API Access from this IP"
This is normal since my computer's IP is not whitelisted by the API. 

But when I run this proces on the rapidminer hub, which IP is whitelisted, I recieve following error:
A non-optional parameter without any default value was not specified. Please define a proper parameter value.
SEVERE: A value for the parameter 'connection' must be specified!  Please refer to the 'error.log' file for more details.

The proces:

I've checked all the mandatory parameters in the REST endpoint configuration, but all are defined.

Does anyone know how to solve this error? Thanks in advance!
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