Why Does RM "hang" on Data Import?

dhoffmandhoffman Member Posts: 1 Newbie
I am experiencing an issue with RM "hanging" when importing data. The issue exists on different machines, so it is not machine-specific but RM-specific. I see from others that this problem has been around for at least ten years. How can RM still have this issue? I am just starting to use it, and it seems like buggy beta software. Instead of long, confusing answers about "pseudo" (sudo), may I suggest (if they are watching) that they fix the problem? I have and do use many other platforms for ML, and none have this problem. This issue is a deal-killer. Why would one want to "buy" a problem? This showing is a terrible first impression. Any simple answers to this persistent unfixed 10yr+ problem with RM? (also issues with the login screen not rendering properly) I think they need a lesson from the "it just works" community. Is this thing reliable?
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