Probability of Prediction

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I would appreciate if someone could help me with the following problem. I have been assigned the next tasks at my job, which is unrelated to my current position, so I am a bit lost. 
I have been given the date of the max, min and average values of humidity and temperature of a warehouse every day for the last three years. I have to do two things, first, determine which months or seasons tended to have the highest humidity values for the last three years, and second is to determine the probability of having values of relative humidity of 70% or above in the warehouse in this upcoming year. I was recommended to use RAPIDMINER which I have found it is a pretty useful tool and I am still getting familiarized with it, however, I need to complete this task urgently so any help would be very appreciated.


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    Hi there,

    after apply model you get a prediction and a so called confidence. This confidence is not a real probability, but close. You can use Rescale Confidences to turn this into a real probability using Platt Scaling.

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