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how do i create the correct process with the information below

nazo20nazo20 Member Posts: 1 Newbie

• Problem description:


Our purpose is to study the attitudes of online store customers regarding ratings and automatic product recommendations.


We are particularly interested in being able to identify users who are positive about accepting product suggestions and explain what influences them to do so.


The data we have comes from a questionnaire survey carried out on regular customers of online stores aged 16-45.


the data is in the Views-on-recommendations.xlsx file


Job requirements


• Import the data into the RapidMiner repository. Choose the type of each characteristic with reason.


• Enter the data into a process and perform descriptive statistical analysis of the data. Identify and perform any transformations that you feel help the analysis. Present the results for each question separately in graph form and comment.


• We need the following methodology to solve


1. Planning

2. Import and adjust the data

3. Overview of the data

4. Modeling

5. Performing the procedure and understanding the results

6. Application of the model


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    Mo_AbdolrahimMo_Abdolrahim Member Posts: 5 Contributor II
    I used your example set and imported sample Excel file to RM Studio v10.
    Added a Set Role, Select Attribute, and a Decision Tree.  In Decision Tree i want to know the Like with respect to gander and Education.
    I attached the process FYI.

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