Heuristics detection

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A scan reports a threat message that a file is corrupted when scanned with virustotal.com. A heuristic detection comes as a message. Thus, a heuristic detection may actually represent a previously completely unknown virus, but it may also be a false alarm.

Malicious file: RapidMiner-Studio-App.sh.x
Detected: PUA.MacOS.Miner.PFH

Are there any findings on this security alert yet?

Printscreen from virustotal.com, 17 april 2023:



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    Thank you for the report.

    ZoneAlarm probably doesn't like Shc since it was used by bad actors earlier this year.

    We had to pack the sh in shc, since some macOS versions can't open permission prompts if a script based launcher is used.

    You can also launch the non-packed RapidMiner-Studio-App.sh directly from a terminal window if in doubt.

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