Rapidminer activation via command line

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We are deploying RapidMiner via image on a series of lab machines at our college and have been unable to activate it properly except on the original machine. We need a method to activate it either via command line or script. Any suggestions?


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    vivek101vivek101 Member Posts: 8 Contributor II
    Hi @asweetnam,

    You can try the following steps to activate RapidMiner on numerous lab machines:

    1. First, ensure that the RapidMiner license key is current and valid for multiple installations.

    2. Next, try launching RapidMiner from the command line by doing the following steps:

    • Launch the Command Prompt or Terminal application.
    • Navigate to the RapidMiner installation directory.
    • Run the command 'RapidMiner.exe -register license_key>'.
    • Replace '<license_key>' with the RapidMiner license key.

    3. If the command line activation approach fails, you can use a script to activate RapidMiner on several machines. Here's an example PowerShell script:

    $licenseKey = "<your_license_key>"</div><div>$rmPath = "<RapidMiner_installation_path>"</div><div><br></div><div>cd $rmPath</div><div><br></div><div>& .\RapidMiner.exe -register $licenseKey</div>

    • Replace '<your_license_key>' with the RapidMiner license key.
    • Replace '<RapidMiner_installation_path>' with the real RapidMiner installation path.

    4. Protect the script as a '.ps1' file and activate it on each lab computer.

    I hope this information assists you in activating RapidMiner on multiple lab machines. 

    Thank you 
    Vivek Garg
    React Native
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    asweetnamasweetnam Member Posts: 2 Newbie
    Will this also work for Rapidminer Studio or is there another command?
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