Predicting stock price using LSTM

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Hi! I am a final year student and currently doing my final year project. I have a question regarding rapidminer. Currently, im using rapidminer to do my final year project where i need to predict stock prices using LSTM. I have done the data pre-processing part and still figuring on how to proceed to the next step which is to use LSTM to predict the close price. Does anyone has websites or videos that i can refer to? I also have installed the deep learning extension and tried to play around with it but i'm not sure on how to configure the lstm part. Any help would be very appreciated.Β 

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    To do this, install the DEEP LEARNING extension at the MARKETPLACE. At the DEEP LEARNING (TENSOR) operator, there is a sample tutorial. hth
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    @ruhaila thanks for the help! really appreciate it :)
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