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KevLeedsKevLeeds Member Posts: 2 Newbie
Hi, I completed the registration form, but haven't received an email to activate/verify my account. I've checked in my junk folder. When trying to log in it says my "account is not yet active", and tells me to click "the activation link". Also the resend email button errors with an `java.lang.IllegalAccessException`.

A quick search here shows that this is a regular problem, and that the email can be manually triggered. Can someone please help me with this?

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    KevLeedsKevLeeds Member Posts: 2 Newbie
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    Self-resolved (outlook settings :s ).

    FYI as an alternative option to resend the email, when getting an in app error of `java.lang.IllegalAccessException`, you can instead log in to 'my.rapidminer(dot)com' and it should force you verify email there, and that includes a email resend button that worked for me.
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