How to merge two example sets having different attribute names but order and data type is same

KanikaAg15KanikaAg15 Member Posts: 19 Contributor I
Hi I have two example sets having similar information coming from different sources. I just need to merge them one after the other taking name of the first exampleset. 
for example
Dataset 1
A     B    C    D   E
aa   bb   cc  dd   ee

Dataset 2

A     B   C    D   E


A     B    C    D    E
aa   bb   cc  dd   ee
A     B    C    D    E


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    rmjonesrmjones Member Posts: 4 Contributor I
    Hi @KanikaAg15, I'm not aware of a single operator that can perform this operation in RapidMiner. There are various approaches you could take with this problem, but I might be tempted to use 'Rename by Generic Names' on each data source and then use a normal append operation, before using one final Rename operator to get the attribute names that you want in your output. Hope this helps!
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