Replacing individual values inside a column based on conditions

msokolovmsokolov Member Posts: 1 Newbie
Hey everyone,

I've just started testing RapidMiner and I'm having a bit of trouble doing this one task.

Basically I need to replace existing values with custom values in one column based on a condition.

So basically, I need to change TOTAL_SALDO numbers based on the value of the Month column. I'm having trouble finding a way to do that in RapidMiner.

I guess one could write the desired expression the following way:
IF Month == 3 THEN TOTAL_SALDO = -682.51 ELSE IF Month == 6 THEN TOTAL_SALDO = -6602.66 ELSE IF Month == 9 THEN TOTAL_SALDO = -29141.54 ELSE TOTAL_SALDO = 110778.17

Thank you for your attention!


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