I have one question here. May you help me. Tq

Jordan_TeohJordan_Teoh Member Posts: 4 Newbie
To those who may concern, 

May I know why both the "distance" and 'time taken" have been set to REAL and INTEGER respectively? Were there any considerations that was taken by machine learning to assign these two parameter separately?



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    CKönigCKönig Administrator, Moderator, Employee, Member Posts: 70 RM Team Member
    I'm not sure I understand your question correctly.

    If you imported the data from a file, RapidMiner usually "guesses" the type of the data. This depends on the values present in the file and most of the time it works well. You are always free to change this during the import process or in the parameters of e.g. the Read CSV operator. Also have a look at the Attribute Blending Operators, such as "Numerical to Real" or "Real to Integer" to change the type of attributes explicitly.
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