Altair® RapidMiner® Studio 10.2 and Altair RapidMiner AI Hub 10.2 now available!

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Altair RapidMiner Studio 10.2 and Altair AI Hub 10.2 are now available to all licensed users, and we recommend that all customer organizations plan their upgrades now.

Click here to read the release notes and other documentation for RapidMiner Studio — and here for documentation on RapidMiner AI Hub.

Please contact our support team here if you have any questions about the upgrade or need any technical assistance.


Learn more about the Altair RapidMiner platform here.


This short video provides an overview of the changes in this new release:


Here are highlights of this release:
  • Interactive decision trees: Decision trees are highly explainable and allow people, even those without data science backgrounds, to visualize complex interactions within data and understand exactly how an AI model produces its output. Altair RapidMiner Studio now provides business users, data scientists, and analysts with a wizard-based tool for building Altair’s unique, patented decision trees that they can incorporate into their AI models. Users can grow trees automatically, find the best splits, delete splits, and save scoring workflows they can then deploy using Altair RapidMiner AI Hub. Decision trees built in Altair RapidMiner Studio are based on the same technology implemented in Altair Knowledge Studio. Note: Activating the interactive decision tree feature results in a draw of 10 additional Altair Units.
  • Spark 3 support in Radoop: The Radoop extension for Altair RapidMiner Studio provides a graphical interface for analyzing data on Hadoop clusters. This release supports Spark 3, making it fully compatible with Java 11 and Altair RapidMiner 10.x, and including all existing capabilities related to push-down execution in Spark.
  • Scalable and user-friendly web APIs: Using Altair RapidMiner AI Hub, users can now expose workflows built in Altair RapidMiner Studio as scalable and secure web API (that is, REST) endpoints easily through the web interface of AI Hub. They can deploy endpoints to load-balanced groups of web API agents and trigger updates of deployments manually or automatically. This greatly simplifies the deployment process and improves scalability and security for AI models built in Altair RapidMiner Studio and deployed on RapidMiner AI Hub.
  • Other important changes: This release ships a language pack for Japanese and Chinese (note that we do not yet have translated version of the documentation). RapidMiner AI Hub now allows users to clean up project histories manually or automatically. Users can also create Panopticon dashboards that display the output of RapidMiner workflows.



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