Webinar : Unlock the Power of Text Analysis in Aerospace Manufacturing

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Join us on October 11 for a global webinar where we learn how to unlock the power of text analysis in Aerospace Manufacturing.

Discover how text analysis can uncover valuable insights from technical documents, maintenance records, communication channels, and more. We'll explore practical applications of text mining in aerospace manufacturing to improve operational excellence with a collaborative, code-optional environment.

Whether you're a seasoned data scientist or manufacturing engineer, this webinar will showcase different use cases and how Altair RapidMiner accelerates the process, allowing you to leverage data-driven insights effectively.

EMEA & APAC Session: 9 AM (London, Lisbon) | 10 AM (Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Rome) | 1:30 PM (India)

AMER Session: 10 AM (Los Angeles) | 12 PM (Chicago) | 1 PM (New York) | 2 PM (Sao Paolo)

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