If I change the variable name, I get a 'type error'

YunJeong_KangYunJeong_Kang Member Posts: 7 Learner I
I'm trying to practice Python in RM by linking the ipynb script.

However, the variable name of the sample data is not what I want, so I am trying to change the variable name and print it.

There is no error when the variable name is not changed, but an error occurs when the variable name is changed.

I just changed the variable name. What on earth does this error have to do with it?

I am attaching the code I wrote and the error message.

I get a lot of help from the community. i need you. thank you

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    rjones13rjones13 Member Posts: 174 Unicorn
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    Hi @YunJeong_Kang,

    Your issue stems from the second to last line, where you rename the column headers. The error message lets you know that you're passing a tuple which is an incorrect type. I would recommend either renaming outside of the Execute Python operator using the Rename operator, or modifying the command. I believe the fix is to remove the outer square brackets (I have tested this, and it works for me).

    Hope this helps.



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