New Generative AI Extension for Altair RapidMiner Studio (AI Studio) Now Available!

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We have a new Generative AI extension for Altair RapidMiner Studio (now called Altair AI Studio) and AI Hub. This extension is available to all licensed users at no additional cost. 

Download the Generative AI extension here: 

Find the user documentation here: 

Please be sure to follow the instructions in the documentation carefully. There are multiple dependencies that must fulfilled to make the extension work properly. 

The Generative Models extension (aka Generative AI extension) offers access to large language models (LLM) from Huggingface and OpenAI as well as finetuning of those models. It offers the following features around large language models (LLM): 

  • New use cases, including data enrichment, that go well beyond traditional machine learning tasks like classification and regression. 

  • Access to all LLMs from the 300,000+ models on Huggingface

  • Access to public models, including ChatGPT. 

  • Easy-to-use finetuning capabilities, including finetuning of the 175 billion parameter models from OpenAI. 

  • Finetuning of local models to secure privacy or IP. 

  • Ability to make generative AI a part of your analytics workflows for better deployments and orchestration. 

  • Innovative prompting language for flexible data injection. 

  • Zero shot classification for training-free classification tasks. 

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