Combine Custom Operators with scripting

HaoyangHaoyang Member Posts: 19 Learner I

I am building an extension where I scripted several super operators, I noticed Custom Operators Extension can turn a process into a custom operator. I want to turn my super operator in the way Custom Operators Extension did into operators with the inner structure, is there any way I can define the inner structure of a super operator when scripting so that it's no longer empty when used? Or, is there any way that I can use Custom Operators Extension to create an extension that consists of some super operators created by Custom Operators Extension while having some of the elementary operators defined by myself in Java?



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    gmeiergmeier Employee, Member Posts: 25 RM Engineering
    Hi Haoyang,

    not sure what you mean by super operators, but the following is possible:
    • You create an extension with some elementary operators defined in Java
    • You build processes using the new operators and others
    • You use the Custom Operators Extension to turn those processes into operators and create a new custom extension containing those
    The new custom extension would need your new Java extension with the elementary operators as a dependency.

    Hope that helps!
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    HaoyangHaoyang Member Posts: 19 Learner I
    Hi @gmeier,

    By super operator I meant the "Super Operator" used in RM's extension handbook, it is the same as the loop operator in RM, what I wanted to figure out is: is it possible that we create a "Super Operator" like loop operator in Java and define its inner structure, so that when we use this operator in RM, it is not empty inside like loop operator but have an editable pre-defined inner structure.

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