Error in Text-related processes

Sam_FereshtehnejadSam_Fereshtehnejad Member Posts: 1 Newbie
Hello, I have previously installed the Text Processing package and used the functions such as 'Read Text' and 'Tokenization' with no problem. However, as of today, these processes do not work anymore and RapidMiner keeps showing me an Error box with lots of red-colored messages (a picture is attached here to this message). I cannot re-open the saved processes with any text-related process either. I truly appreciate your helps. Thanks.  


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    rjones13rjones13 Member Posts: 180 Unicorn
    Hi @Sam_Fereshtehnejad,

    Could you possibly post the xml? It should be possible for you to open that repository location in the file explorer, and then open the process in a text editor. Hopefully we can then diagnose the issue further.

    Out of interest, has anything changed since these processes previously worked? Any upgrade or change in hardware?


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    rjones13rjones13 Member Posts: 180 Unicorn
    Also, there should be some extra information in the RapidMiner Studio logs. This can be found in the .Rapidminer folder which is found at rapidminer-studio.log fine in $USER/.Rapidminer.
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