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Hi all.
For a plastics production extrusion customer , I am usung tue simulator to get prescriptive recommendations.
Out of 250 sensors, 6 are controllable. I want the simulator to recomend ranges for each of the 6 to controllable sensors, as to aquire a certain result.(maxmum class or range)
ideas, operators,reports...?

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    rjones13rjones13 Member Posts: 180 Unicorn
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    Hi @davepe,

    I'd look at the Prescriptive Analytics extension for this application. Do you think this might do what you need?


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    davepedavepe Member Posts: 27 Contributor II
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    Hi Roland,  thanks seems like a good direction, I am trying to use it but not quite sure which model it expects .
    The output is a value and not a range that would be better for operator setup...but its the closest.
    Thanks Roland. 
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