Issue with importing ARIMA

Aditya_ChaudharyAditya_Chaudhary Member Posts: 1 Newbie
1.  It appears that I do have the Time Series extension installed, even though it's not listed in my "Manage Extensions" drop down (it does appear in my "About Installed Extensions" list as Time Series 9.10.9.  Of note, there is no "Time Series" extension listed in the Marketplace.
2.  I am using RapidMiner 9.10 as we've been instructed to use in this course.
3.  All extensions are up to date.
4.  After trying to import the ARIMA process again, I still am unable to successfully import.

The Time Series extension is installed.  I can import the process, however it still is broken - the "integrate" operator has an error: "The attribute 'forecase of close' must be of type numeric."  Similarly, within the Forecast Validation operator, the Performance cannot be calculated as it "Cannot evaluate labels of type attribute_value".  I've attached the screenshots.


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    rjones13rjones13 Member Posts: 180 Unicorn
    Hi @Aditya_Chaudhary,

    As of v9, the time series extension was automatically installed with RapidMiner Studio. The error you're seeing is related to the process and data you're trying to run rather than a problem with your RapidMiner installation.

    The error suggests that the variable "forecase of close" is the wrong type of data for the operators you're using. Please could you post the process and data so we can hopefully help you fix the errors you're seeing.

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