Reshaping Data from Wide to Long Format in RapidMiner

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Hello RapidMiner Community,

I am currently working on a project where I need to compare fossil fuel subsidies and environmental taxes by country over time. I have two panel data tables: both has data on 124 countries (cross section). One table contains total fossil fuel subsidies, with data collected from 1995-2021. The other contains envrionmental total taxes with data and projections from 2015-2030. 

I have successfully joined these tables on the ‘Country’ column. However, the data is in wide format, which is challenging for me to analyze. How do I reshape the data from Wide to Long Format in RapidMiner?

I now have separate columns for Indicator (type of subsidies in one column and types of taxes in another column), and each year (with values for subsidies in a given year in one column and values for the taxes in that same year in anothercolumn). I would like to reshape the data so that my attributes are country, year, subsidies and environmental taxes.

Thanks in advance!

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