Questions about saving Qdrant's collections under Generative Models Extension

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Under some trials on Qdrant Vector Database under Generative Models Extension, I noticed that the collections and the associated data are gone if the server is restarted. After some study, as far as I know, data persistence in Qdrant itself could be achieved on the client side or the server side. Here are my questions:

1. How to keep collections as persistent storage from the client? I find no parameters in "create collection" and "insert documents" to achieve this feature.

2. If this is not done on the client side, what is the proper command to start Qdrant server? I am using the following command now.

    docker run -p 6333:6333 -p 6334:6334 -v /qdrant_storage:/qdrant/storage:z qdrant/qdrant:latest

    This command allows me to see the data after restart. Is this the proper way to get persistent storage? Further, where can I find the directory of all the collections (e.g., files) on my Win10 computer?

I don't know if these questions should go to RapidMiner, Qdrant, or Docker. Thanks for any comments.

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