What do you think of my Process Mining operators

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I'm currently working on my Master's thesis, which focuses on improving Process Mining visualizations to enhance user interaction within Moodle, the Learning Management System. I'm using RapidMiner for this project and have been experimenting with the following operators:

Attached are a) the visualizations I've generated so far and b) a sample of the dataset, c) the process .rmp file. However, I've have a few questions that I'd greatly appreciate some help with:

1) Is data preprocessing essential for achieving effective visualizations, even if my primary goal is to just visualise the process?

2) When working with event logs, do I need to specifically select examples that have a clear beginning and end point for process mining?

3) While using the "Data table to event logs" operator, should I include the date attribute?

Thank you in advance for any insights or help you can provide!

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