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I try to visualise the results of a Principal Component Analysis: I have high dimensional data, and I want to project the data points on the first principal plane.
Can RapidMiner do that?



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    sorry, wrong category!
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    no problem at all :)
    Just perfom the PCA. This will result in a transformed exampleSet. The data of this exampleSet might be visualized by many various plotters. Simply click on the result tab "ExampleSet"  and then select the third Radio button "Plot View".  The Scatter Plot should already be selected. Choose the first pca attribute called like pca1 or something like that in the dropdown list for x-Axis. Select anything, probably a label, as color. The points will be plotted, but with lines connecting them. Choose "points" in the drop down menü below the Jitter Slider to prevent that and here we go...
    If you want to visualize your second component as well, just select it in the y-axis drop down list...

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