"pivot on two attributes?"

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an example dataset:

year, int
sex, nominal: male, female
age_group, nominal: 0-20, 20-40, 40+
mortality, real

how to convert this dataset into:

I tried:
group_attribute = year
index_attribute = age_group|sex

but index_attribute can only have a single attribute?


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    Aggregation loses information!
    The transformation I have in mind should be lossless.
    Example2AttributePivoting works fine when you only have a single index_attribute.
    There might be some way in Rapidminer to use two "index_attributes". I do not know.

    Example dataset:
    att1 : nominal : {A, B}
    att2 : nominal : {T, F}
    att3 : real
    att4 : real

    Transformed dataset:
    att3_A_T : real
    att3_B_T : real
    att3_A_F : real
    att3_B_F : real
    att4_A_T : real
    att4_B_T : real
    att4_A_F : real
    att4_B_F : real
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    Hi Wessel,
    there are two possible ways for solving this problem. I will begin with the dirtier one:

    Before applying the Pivoting you could create a new attribute using the AttributeConstruction operator. This nominal attribute would need to store the combination of the values of the attribute sex and age_group. You could then use this single new attribute as index attribute for the Pivoting.

    The second approach would be to ask us for a quote for extending the pivoting operator. This would solve the problem for once and forever but is a little bit more cost intensive :)

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