How to invoke rapid-miner interface from other Java app

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Hi, all,

I am new to rapid-miner.  I download the rapid-miner source code, build and run rapid-miner (Eclipse) without any problems.    I write my own java application, invoke the main rapid-miner GUI inside my app.  I encounter exceptions.  I think the problem is that my java app run as a single thread, invoke the rapid-miner main GUI somehow generate a new thread.  The two threads conflict with each other.    I will post a exception error message tomorrow. 

Anyone try to invoke the rapid-miner main GUI inside java app?  Successful?



  • landland RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 2,529   Unicorn
    RapidMiner uses a bunch of threads for managing the different things like background processes, status bar, gui and so on. But without a stack trace I cannot say anything.

    And please forgive me, if I add one final thing: Are you aware that your application must be licensed under the AGPL 3 if you include RapidMiner? Otherwise you would have to consult us for an OEM license. I don't like to mention it myself, but I want to save your effort in programming, if both options are not appropriate for you.

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