NullPointerException caused by null fields

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I'm trying to process a CSV file which has several columns with timestamps (date+time). Some of the rows have nulls for those, fields, unfortunately.

This causes an NPE as seen below.
Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException
Message: null
Stack trace:

Line 481 is
values = set.getDate(i).getTime();
Build is 5.0.001


  • jeanlucjeanluc Member Posts: 18 Maven
    A correction: I  found that the error was caused not by a null field (there was none in the particular field that I processed), but by an incorrect date format. Once I changed to match the file the processing went pass this stage. I'm still looking why it failed later with a different error, but that can be because I'm new to the tool.
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    thanks for the hint. This exception should not occur in any case, even if you enter a wrong description. We have currently release a new version, you might download this. If this error still occurs, I would be very glad, if you could make an detailed entry in our bug tracker at This way, the programmer in charge of the import classes will get to know this.

    And don't hesitate to ask if you have another problem with RapidMiner. That's the forum for :)

      Sebastian Land
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