"how to get the cluster models using kmeans"

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I have created my exampleset already following the tutorial. I created my kmeans operator and now I want to apply kmeans to my sample set. Now, how do I do this? I want to be able to retrieve the information about the clusters (their centroids) and I also want to know the assignment of clusters for all the data.

I found this solution in another thread:
                Operator kMeans = OperatorService.createOperator(KMeans.class);
CentroidBasedClusterModel clusterModel = (CentroidBasedClusterModel) kMeans.apply(new IOContainer(exampleSet));

but the class for CentroidBasedClusterModel could not be found. I am using the .jar file that I got after installing RapidMiner v5.0 Community Edition.


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    the CentroidClusterModel is now called CentroidClusterModel :)
    I would suggest downloading the Javadoc of the API from source forge, a quick search after centroid would have solved that issue in seconds.

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