"Java 1.6 issue when installing RapidMiner Studio on Mac"

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When installing RapidMiner Studio the program detected I have Java 1.6 running on my Mac. After updating to Java 1.7 the error message still prompted. I tried restarting the Mac and I also tried downloading another version of the software. Unfortunately the error message still appears and the installation process is blocked. Any suggestions on how to get around this issue? Many thanks beforehand.


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    RapidMiner 6 does not start on a Mac unless Java 7 is installed and directly addressed.

    Some Background

    There is no Java Runtime Environment shipped with the platform independent release of RapidMiner Studio. Instead the default Java installation of the operating system is used. RapidMiner Studio 6 requires Java 7 or newer. However, Apple only ships a Java 6 release along with its operating system. This means that you have to install a Java 7 release manually. You can download Java 7 at:


    Problem Description

    Unfortunately, this still does not solve the startup problems for some users. In some cases RapidMiner Studio is unable to find this new installation, tries to use the old one instead, and thus fails to start showing a warning that the Java installation is outdated.


    We hope to solve this problem with the upcoming update of RapidMiner Studio. Until then, you can try one of the following two approaches:

    Install a Java 7 Development Kit (JDK)

    In most cases installing the Java Development Kit (JDK) instead of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) solves the problem. However, the JDK requires additional disk space. Another option is to use a preview release of the new Mac OS X Launcher of RapidMiner Studio.

    Use the Preview Release of the New Mac OS X Launcher

    You can download preview release of the new Mac OS X Launcher here:

    "RapidMiner Studio version 6 up to 6.0.008":https://s3.amazonaws.com/rapidminer.releases/rapidminer-studio/6.0.008/hotfix/osx-launcher-preview/RapidMiner-Studio-OSX-Launcher-Preview.zip
    "RapidMiner Studio version 6.1":https://s3.amazonaws.com/rapidminer.releases/rapidminer-studio/6.1.0/hotfix/osx-launcher-preview/RapidMiner-Studio-OSX-Launcher-Preview.zip

    This launcher should be able to detect Java 7 installations even if they are not the system default. To use this launcher, extract the archive and copy the included files (“RapidMiner Studio (Preview).app” and RapidMiner-Studio-Preview.sh) to the root directory of your RapidMiner installation (the same directory that contains the old launcher named “RapidMiner Studio.app”). You should now be able to run RapidMiner Studio by double clicking on the new launcher (“RapidMiner Studio (Preview).app”).
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