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I'm a new user to this wonderful program. I'm trying to figure out the proper way to connect a couple of models to be able to compare their ROC curves in a singl figure. I've found the compare ROC function, but I'm not sure the proper way to connect it.




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    Hi Barry,

    thanks for your kind words  :)

    There is a sample process showing the usage of the operator "Compare ROCs". You can find this process in the "Samples" repository delivered with RapidMiner 5 at


    Just load the process and make a double click on the operator in order to dive into the nested subprocess (you can see that this is a nested process because the operator shows a small blueish icon in the lower right corner of its box). There are three different modeling schemes used within the comparison operator. Just replace them or add additional ones.

    As the result, you will get a plot containing the ROC curves (bold lines) together with the deviation range (transparent regions) for all modeling schemes in a single plot.

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