"Rapid miner in R"

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RWeka packag in allow us to implement weka algorithms in R.

I'm wondering  any way to use Rapidminer in .




  • steffensteffen Member Posts: 347  Guru
    Plain and simple: Currently there is no solution for this problem.

    You could try to create such a package using rJava/JRI, but frankly, I do not see any advantage of this approach ... embedding R into rapidminer => yes, but the other way ...


  • wesselwessel Member Posts: 537  Guru
    Are you sure?

    There is run rapidminer on a remote server support, as far as I know.
    Should be able to run rapidminer from the command line. (Call cmd in R)
    And load the results file into R.
  • steffensteffen Member Posts: 347  Guru
    well ... using the detour via the os is nearly always an option.

    I simply skipped this option (in my mind) because I thought reza was looking for something similar to the RWeka-package. But of course you are correct.


  • wesselwessel Member Posts: 537  Guru
    Ah, like that, yes in that case it's a no.

    Wouldn't make much sense to embed Rapid-miner as a package in R.
    R is already really slow, and this would probably become mega slow.
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