More Algorithm for classification and regression

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I would like to request for More Algorithm for classification and regression. maybe i can explain my feature request as follows :

1. There are a lot of algorithm that maybe not yet implemented in RM5, but i want to stress the topic on fuzzy based learning algorithms like FUZZY-ART (adaptive resonance theory), Fuzzy lattice neurocomputing, and so on.
2. more algorithm on tree induction modelling, maybe RM5 can be strenghten with C5.0, Quest, CART, or maybe Rainforest.
3. as for neural net modeling, I would like to see more algorithm from neural net, not just perceptron or backpropagation, maybe adding RBFNetwork, QuickProp, or Pruned Backpropagation (or maybe more) would be good idea.
4. as for backpropagation, maybe adding nguyen-widrow initialization is a good idea.

i hope my feature reauests are taken into consideration.

thank you very much

Dimas Yogatama
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