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I'm testing Data miner for my company.  I did install version 5.0.005 community version
I want acces to IBM.  Other tools use the following URL:jdbc:db2://

But when I'm trying to connect to this DB, Using the repository (usint the import Database table), I can't select IBM DB2.  So the URL is not correct.

How can I select an DB2 Database?

Thanks anyway,

Yust another newby



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    SebastianLohSebastianLoh Member Posts: 99 Contributor II
    hi Luc,

    you can add the db2 driver in the menu Tools/Manage Database Drivers.

    Klick on "add" and set up the name etc.

    In the Jar filed you might need to add two jar files. You can do this by seperation the two paths with comma, eg  C:\driver1.jar , C:\driver2.jar

    Afterwards you should be able to select an DB2 Database.

    I hope it works!

    Ciao Sebastian
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