"How to use RapidMiner for Association Rules Data?"

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I am a new user
Please help me in using this (RM) for a few data like this :

sunny, hot, high, not windy, no play
sunny,hot, high, windy, no play
overcast,hot,high,not windy, play
rain,mild,,high,not windy, play
rain, cool, normal, not windy, play
rain, cool,normal, windy, no play
overcast,cool,normal,windy, play
sunny,mild,high,not windy, no play
sunny, cool, normal, not windy, play
rain, mild, normal, not windy, play
sunny, mild, normal, windy, play
overcast, mild, hot, windy, play
overcast, hot, normal, not windy, play
rain, mild, hot, windy, no play

thx for your help


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    SunnyLotusFloweSunnyLotusFlowe Member Posts: 37 Contributor II

    what kind of Assoc Rules do u wanna extract?

    like      sunny and hot -> no play ???

    maybe this link can help u

    there are a lot of examples in rapidMiner specially in Association rules. to get them do the following.

    or if u start RapidMiner go to the main Gui. on the left there are 2 registers. the 'operators' and 'repositories'.

    go to the repositories. then open 'samples' , then processes, then Learner and then for example associationrules (double click on it)

    and there u have a workflow which can generate assoc rules

    greetings Lotus
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